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 Post subject: Wounded WORLDS PATCH NOTES
PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:06 am 
New Dungeons and Boss System
Ghillieglade (Solo)
Lakan’s Prison (5-person)
Abscess (Normal mode, 7-person)
Abscess (Hard mode, 5-person)
Rift’s Edge (Normal mode, 10-person)
Rift’s Edge (Hard mode, 10-person)
Guide quests are automatically obtained at level 60.
Boss gauge system for new dungeons:
Boss’s HP displays as a bigger gauge bar in the top center of the screen.
The gauge displays after the player is within 75m of the boss.
When there are two bosses, the gauge of the boss that was hit last by the players is displayed.
Boss HP now has multiple layers displayed at the end of the bar as "X##."
×10: 10 layers—1-person dungeon boss
×20: 20 layers—dungeons under 10 players
×30: 30 layers—10-person and above dungeons
Collapse Entry
New Gear
Jax Trust and Unified Theory Institute Gear:
New tier 13 gears added (requires Favored)
New jewelry added (requires Favored)
New tier 15 fodders added (requires Friendly)
Patron Set, Tier 14
Token exchanges (right-click on the tokens to bring up the store):
Rubra tokens can be obtained by trading in 12 Molten tokens.
Arcta token can be obtained by trading in 4 Cyasma tokens
Argon freezing agent added to turn Argon Essence into Arcta token (22-hour cooldown)
Can be retool from Bloodhoned set (Retool designs are sold by crafting merchants)
Enigmatic Patron set and rings can be exchanged using Rubra tokens.
Sealed box version and earrings can be exchanged using Arcta tokens.
Set bonus for having 2–5 pieces
Devastator Set:
Dropped in Rift’s Edge (Hard)
Crafted from crafted Patron gear
Set bonus for having 2–5 pieces
Archetype Set:
Crafted from Nightforge set.
Obtain “Muhrak’s Cryptic Document” (Rift’s Edge Normal or Hard) or “Muhrak’s Curious Letter” (Rift’s Edge Normal) to get “Muhrak’s Message,” which starts the Archesmith quest.
Set bonus for having 2–5 pieces
Opportune Set
PVP set
Obtained from battleground quests to Kumas Island or Corsairs' Stronghold.
Favored Set:
Retooled from Opportune set (crafted PVP set)
Design obtained from battleground quests to Kumas Island or Corsairs' Stronghold.
Advantaged Set
Best PVP set
Design obtained from Killing Spree merchant.
Retooled from Nightforge or Favored set
New Accessories: Brooch and Belt
Obtained from Agnitor merchant
Can be obtained as Wounded World dungeon drops
Can be created via Armorcrafting
Collapse Entry
Crafting and Extraction
Master rank crafting has been added:
Unlock the Artisan rank of a craft to unlock the Master rank of that craft.
Master’s Additive has been added to increase the critical rating for Master crafting designs.
Designs for crafting Patron set from Bloodhoned gear have been added to weaponcrafting and armorcrafting design merchants.
Critical success rate for weapon, armor, and etching have be increased.
Materials required for some weapon, armor, and etching craft have been reduced.
Crafted Bloodhoned items have been improved. Critting a Bloodhoned item now produces two of that item.
Extraction—Fortnight sledgehammer and Forge Stoke
The Fortnight sledgehammer converts tier 14 gear to Forge Stoke.
You can trade Forge Stoke with merchants for tier 15 fodder gear.
Forge stokes are tradeable, bankable, stack up to 1,000 per stack, and cannot be sold to a merchant.
Right-click Fortnight sledgehammers to extract Forge Stoke from Superior and Rare tier 14 items:
Tier 14 Item: Yields:
Superior weapon 8 Forge Stoke
Superior chest armor 6 Forge Stoke
Superior gloves 4 Forge Stoke
Superior boots 4 Forge Stoke
Rare weapon 4 Forge Stoke
Rare chest armor 3 Forge Stoke
Rare gloves 2 Forge Stoke
Rare boots 2 Forge Stoke
Right-click Forge Stoke to open the shop UI:
Tier 15 Item: Costs:
Superior weapon 48 Forge Stoke
Superior chest armor 36 Forge Stoke
Superior gloves 24 Forge Stoke
Superior boots 24 Forge Stoke
Rare weapon 24 Forge Stoke
Rare chest armor 18 Forge Stoke
Rare gloves 12 Forge Stoke
Rare boots 12 Forge StokeCollapse Entry
UI Refinement
Player name plate now displays eight types of information about the player:
Player’s name (server name is added for battleground and dungeon matching)
Player’s title
Normal titles are colored white
Premium titles, such as exarch titles, are colored gold
Player’s guild name
Guild emblem
Alliance flag
Position in the alliance
Crafting master emblem
Battleground leader emblem (displayed while in BG)
System Notification, quest- and reward-related messages display have been improved:
Weapons and armor looted will be displayed in the rewards UI.
System messages for looting a weapon or armor have been removed.
Party matching UI for dungeons updated:
Party matching UI now displays the gear sets can be obtained from the dungeon.
Party matching UI only displays dungeons that meet player’s level and item level requirement.
Voice select UI at the character creation screen has been updated.
Belt category has been added to trade brokerunder Armor by location > Belts.
Searching brokerage without any key words or category will display an error message.
Brooches category has been added to trade broker under Jewelry > Brooches
Collapse Entry
Enchanting Update
Enchanted item now displays its enchantment level. (Items with no enchantment level do not display an enchantment number.)
On player’s profile window, the enchant icon will activate when the following enchantment conditions are met in the player’s inventory:
Have at least one item of the same tier gear as the equipped gear.
Have the necessary number and type of alkahests to enchant the equipped gear.
Enchantment button will not activate if the gear is not enchantable or is already enchanted to maximum level.
Enchantment UI
Item available to be used are listed in the enchantment UI:
Left side lists the fodder item according to its quality.
Right side lists the alkahests that will be used.
Enchanting UI now can suggest the items to be used for the enchant:
Clicking the "suggest" button will auto-add the item to be used for the next enchant attempt.
If you don’t want to use the suggested items, right-click on the items in your inventory that you want to use. (Right-click on the recommended item slot also removes the item.)
Auto-Enchant has been added to the UI:
Auto-enchant can be used to ease the enchanting process when multiple enchanting attempts can be performed.
An enchanting result message is displayed after auto-enchant is completed, listing how many successful/failed enchants were performed and the final enchanting level of the item.
Auto-enchant does not use items that have been enchanted already.
Collapse Entry
Nexus Update
Nexus Traverse cooldown time has been increased from 1 hour to 2 hours.
Nexus duration has been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
Maximum Agnitor reputation point limit has been increased from 24,000 to 30,000.
Reputation and credits have been doubled:
Obtained by completing the "Investigating Nexus Traverse" quest.
Reputation credits increased from 1,400 to 2,800
Reputation increased from 4,600 to 9,200
Agnitor merchant updated:
Tier 15 fodder items added.
Brooch and belt added:
Player needs to buy a token from the Agnitor merchant with Agnitor credit first
Exchange the token required for a brooch or belt.
Nexus buff condition changed:
Before: Buff can be acquired without the quest, as long as the player is in monster’s aggro list.
Now: Quest must be obtained first, then complete stage 1, 2, or 3 before receiving the buff.
Thirteen nexus portal locations now open at the same time.
Nexus opening condition by population has been turned off. (Additional nexuses no longer open when player population in an area reaches 100.)
Nexus Traverse Update
All small monsters will despawn after the main boss is killed.
Additional teleport to the major cities and alliance halls are added to the exit teleportal of Nexus Traverse after the main boss is killed.
Nexus quest completion reward has been reduced:
Stage 1 is reduced from 50 Agnitor credits to 20.
Stage 2 is reduced from 100 Agnitor credits to 30.
Stage 3 is reduced from 150 Agnitor credits to 50.
Nexus Traverse entrance spawn changed so the entrance will spawn at all nexus positions that were in the zone.
Quest for Nexus Travese is now picked up after entering Nexus Traverse instead of picking up the quest from an NPC in town.
Quest completion NPC will spawn after the main boss is killed.
The completed quest is now turned in within the dungeon instead of the town.
Nexus Traverse Drop updated:
Tier 15 fodders have been added.
Alkahests and crafting materials have been removed.
New nexus time added for Wednesday at 12pm and 7pm
Collapse Entry
Alliance Update
Three types of new accessory sets have been added to Alliance Vaults.
Crafting materials from Bellicarium and Killing Spree have been added to Noctenium Society reputation merchants.
Crafting materials for tier 15 gears have been added to the Noctenium Society reputation merchants.
To prevent the Alliance notice message overlapping with Alliance conflict UI, the default location has been relocated from center to right.
Salvaliths count UI moved to the right side of the screen.
Alliance vaults and Vault of Allies now drops new accessories with set bonuses.
Collapse Entry
Battleground Updates
The maximum credit cap for Bellicarium and Killing Spree has been increased to 40,000.
New gear, designs, and materials have replaced the old items in the Bellicarium and Killing Spree reputation merchants:
Victory’s Trophy has been added to Bellicarium Quartermaster.
Sturdy forge pitch, Flexible forge pitch, and retool designs have been added to Killing Spree Quartermaster.
Flexible forge pitch purchase required changed from Champion’s Skyring personal rating 1,800 to Killing Spree Neutral.
Kumas nanny:
HP increased from 1,800,000 to 2,000,000.
Back jump attack skill added.
Purify Kumas skill removed.
Critical Energy Burst skill’s cooldown reduced from 40 to 30 seconds.
Kumas babies:
P increased from 1,500,000 to 1,800,000.
urify Kumas skill removed.
nergy Burst skill’s cooldown reduced from 15 to 12 seconds.
Kumases’ resistances have been slightly increased.
Movement speed for human player carrying the candy has been increased from 50% to 60%.
Fraywind Canyon
Cry of Retaliation buff trigger condition changed:
The buff does not trigger for the first 2,000 points. It’ll trigger when there’s a difference of 1,500 points or more, and cancels when the difference is reduced to 500 or less.
Depending on the kill count difference, different stages of the buff is triggered:
Stage I triggers when kill count difference is 20, cancels when kill count is 10 or less.
Stage II triggers when kill count difference is 40, cancels when kill count is 30 or less.
Stage III triggers when kill count difference is 60, cancels when kill count is 50 or less.
Both point difference and kill count difference condition must be met for the buff to trigger, and the buff is canceled when either of the cancel conditions is met.
Powerful Morale and Cry of Retaliation stages effects decreased:
Powerful Morale increases power by 20, endurance by 10, attack speed by 20%, and movement by 10.
Cry Retaliation I increases max HP by 10%, power by 10, endurance by 10, and movement by 10.
Cry Retaliation II increases max HP by 30%, power by 15, endurance by 15, and movement by 20.
Cry Retaliation III increases max HP by 50%, power by 20, endurance by 20, and movement by 30.
Capturing a pyre decreased from 200 to 100 points.
Player kill increased from 8 to 10 points.
Pyre holding points:
1 Pyre increased from 3 points to 4 points per second
2 Pyre: increased from 5 points to 6 points per second
3 Pyres increased from 7 points to 8 points per second
Battleground reward credits have been updated.
300 Bellicarium credits
150 Killing Spree credits
180 Bellicarium credits
75 Killing Spree credits
Joining a game in progress bonus:
50 Bellicarium credits
50 Killing Spree credits
Corsair’s Stronghold
Up to 100 Bellicarium credits by contribution
270 Bellicarium credits (Captain bonus: 100 credits)
Up to 50 Killing Spree credits by contribution
120 Killing Spree credits (Captain bonus: 30 credits)
150 Bellicarium credits
45 Killing Spree credits
Joining a game in progress bonus:
50 Bellicarium credits
50 Killing Spree credits
Fraywind Canyon (Solo)
Up to 100 Bellicarium credits by contribution
300 Bellicarium credits (Captain bonus: 100 credits)
Up to 100 Killing Spree credits by contribution
300 Killing Spree credits (Captain bonus: 100 credits)
120 Bellicarium credits
120 Killing Spree credits
Joining a game in progress bonus:
50 Bellicarium credits
50 Killing Spree credits
Fraywind Canyon (Raid)
Up to 60 Bellicarium credits by contribution
85 Bellicarium credits (Captain bonus: 50 credits)
Up to 60 Killing Spree credits by contribution
85 Killing Spree credits
65 Bellicarium credits
65 Killing Spree credits
Joining a game in progress bonus:
50 Bellicarium credits
50 Killing Spree credits
Champion’s Skyring (Team)
60 Bellicarium credits
280 Killing Spree credits
20 Bellicarium credits
20 Killing Spree credits
Champion’s Skyring (Solo with equalized gear)
60 Bellicarium credits
280 Killing Spree credits
20 Bellicarium credits
20 Killing Spree credits
Collapse Entry
Dungeon Update
Labyrinth of Terror (Normal and Hard modes) now drops tier 14 gears.
Balder’s Temple (1-person and 5-person) no longer drops Molten tokens.
The guide quests for Channelworks, Shattered Fleet, and Wonderholme have been removed.
Removed master enigmatic scrolls as drops from some dungeons. Master enigmatic scrolls now drop from the following dungeons:
Lakan’s Prison
Rift’s Edge
Nexus Traverse
Collapse Entry
Avatar Weapon Update
New avatar weapon Dagon added for level 58, requiring 20 relic pieces. Relic piece drops display a winged snake image.
Karas weapon update:
Equip level reduced from level 56 to 55.
Weapon performance increased from comparable to level 54 to 55.
Relic collection now starts at level 54 and ends at level 58.
Gidd weapon now requires 38 relic pieces.
Godly Alkahest and refined godly alkahest can now enchant up to Tier 12 items.
Collapse Entry
Fashion Coupon
“Fantasic Fashion Coupon” has been converted to “Fashion Coupon”.
Fashion Coupons can be obtained multiple ways:
Open world monster drop (amount varies depending on the monster’s level).
Completing any dungeons through Instance Matching.
Completing Fraywind Canyon or Champion’s Skyring battlegrounds.
Right click on the Fashion Coupon to open the fashion shop to purchase costumes using the coupons.
All fashion costumes are permanent and go into the Costuming tab of character profile.
Content of the Fashion Coupon store has been changed.
Collapse Entry
Complete crystalbind cooldown time reduced to 3 minutes.
Added Leveling boosts to supply crates and removed weapons.
Shandra’s Quill is now tradeable.
Molten token, Cyasma token, Bandersnatch’s Cube can now be stored in personal bank and no longer soulbinds.
Added Dungeon images to dungeon teleportals.
“Jelena’s Letter” can be destroyed now.
Dye merchants now only sell materials to make dyes.
Vendor prices for some gear sets have been changed.
Master’s Additives have been added to all locked strongboxes.
One hour dyes have been added to Tikat store.
Collapse Entry
Bug Fixes
Crafting additives can now be searched in the broker under Crafting > Reagent.
Some Popori NPCs are no longer missing their tails.
Collapse Entry
Known Issue
Brooches and belts sold by Agnitor Truss token merchant Hanslet costs Cortoid tokens instead of Truss tokens.

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